Wedding in rangers reserve


Kenya has a wide range of reserves, which are perfect for getting married. Some reserves have fees, others do not.

kenya has alot of reserves

Kenya has a lot of reserves. Reserves are good for weddings because they have different kinds of people, animals, and plants.

Reserves are good for weddings because they have different kinds of people like the Maasai tribe who lives in the plains near Kenya’s north-eastern border with Tanzania. The Maasai people have a unique culture that includes their own language and customs as well as traditional dress. It’s very important to know this before planning your wedding here because you don’t want any surprises!

The Ewaso Nyiro River National Park Reserve is another great place to get married if you’re looking for something unique but also close enough to home so that everyone can still come down from Canada once things start getting hot here at last year’s summer solstice celebrations (if there were any).

some reservers have park fees

You can also find out about park fees in advance. Some parks have them, and it’s best to know upfront whether you need to pay a fee before planning your wedding in that area.

  • How much is the fee?
  • How do I pay the fee?
  • What happens if I don’t pay the fee?

some parks have free and paid methods of visiting

  • You can visit a park for free.
  • You can visit a park with a guide.
  • You can also take your own vehicle, but it’s not necessary to use any of the other methods or pay for parking at all.

other parks have no fee

Other parks have no fee. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that won’t cost you anything and has the beautiful scenery of South Africa, look no further than these reserves:

  • Rustenburg Wildlife Reserve
  • Duiwelskloof Nature Reserve
  • Thaba Nchu Safari Camp & Lodge

you can plan a wedding in a reserve

A reserve is a protected area, often of land but sometimes of water, that has been designated by the government to be managed in order to conserve its natural resources. Reserves may be created and managed by various organizations such as national parks departments or wildlife conservation groups. In most cases reserves are open for public access, although sometimes they may be restricted to certain groups only (e.g., hunters).

A park is another type of protected area which also provides recreational opportunities but focuses more on preserving nature than on providing access for visitors. It differs from a reserve in that it does not provide permanent protection from development; rather it offers limited opportunities for recreation within its boundaries while allowing visitors ample access during specific times each year (e.g., deer hunting season).

National parks have been established under Section 10(1)(d) of the National Parks Act 1972 as ‘protected areas’—this means they are unlikely ever again be developed into cities or towns because no one wants them! They provide refuge from development while also protecting endangered species from extinction by restricting human contact with animals when necessary.”

any place is good for a wedding

Any place is good for a wedding, but you should consider the following:

  • Whether or not the reserve has enough space to accommodate your guests.
  • The kind of reception you would like to have. For example, if it’s a small group and everyone knows each other well, then it may be more appropriate to have an intimate ceremony at home rather than going out into public spaces like a park or beachfront area where there are strangers all around them (and possibly even some unexpected ones). This can also apply if there are many families who don’t know each other well yet but still want their children/grandchildren together in one place at once so that everyone gets along better after the event has finished up!


In conclusion, any place is good for a wedding. You just need to find the right place and make sure that you book in advance

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