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The Top 10 Things to Remember When Buying a Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is the centerpiece of your big day, so it’s important to choose one that you’ll feel great in! To make sure you pick one that looks as good as it feels, keep these 10 things in mind when shopping for a wedding dress. Your future husband will thank you later!

1) Think about what your body looks like now for Wedding Dress

How much weight have you gained or lost in recent years? Are you comfortable with that number? If so, great. If not, we’ve got some advice for you! Staying at an ideal weight helps avoid future health complications and allows your body to feel healthy and strong. The shaadimubarakofficials website offers tips on how to stay at an ideal weight.

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2) Consider seasonal fabrics

Most brides consider seasonality when selecting wedding colors, but fabrics can also be an important factor in choosing your gown. Linen, silk, and tulle are great choices for summer weddings (when you want something cool and flowy), while taffeta, satin, and velvet are more appropriate for winter weddings (when you want something luxurious). Still can’t decide?

3) Try on dresses that are two sizes smaller than your usual size

You may be surprised by how your body has changed after getting married. Try on dresses that are two sizes smaller than what you normally wear. You don’t want your dress to become loose after you’ve lost weight. This is true even if you are not sure how much weight you will lose, as there is a big difference between losing five pounds and twenty pounds. If possible, ask a friend who is familiar with wedding gowns to help out.

4) Look out for over embellishments

While it’s important that your wedding dress be beautiful, don’t feel like you need a ton of embellishments. Bridal trends have changed in recent years, which means that you can probably get away with less for your special day and still look fabulous. Just make sure that any extra adornments are tasteful and elegant; too much sparkle could ruin an otherwise simple silhouette. [1]

5) Ask how you can use the dress again after your wedding day

If you’re set on buying a wedding dress, many bridal salons offer rental options for those who want to wear their gown again. But no matter how much you love your dress and it ends up being part of your identity as Mrs. Whoever-you-are, it might make sense to rent first, particularly if you’re not sure about how long your relationship will last. After all, if things don’t work out between you and Mr.

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Wedding Dresses
6) Go with your gut feelings

If you feel like your future hubby will absolutely hate his wedding photos, don’t waste your money on something that won’t make him happy. Shaadimubarakofficials advise only buying what you love—so if he doesn’t like it, get something else for him, and save yourself some cash.

7) The venue matters

The venue for your shaadi matters. You don’t have to have an elaborate wedding, but it should be memorable and take place in an impressive environment. The shaadimubarakofficials will help you with planning and decorating, along with offering recommendations for any other services required. This can give your shaadi an elegant feel, which is why you want to choose the right venue at all costs.

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