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Traditional Photography

20,000/- per day
  • Starting from ₹20,000/- per day including 1 Photographer+ 1 Videographer

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Traditional Photography

India’s Traditional Photography Is Stunning – Here Are Some of the Best Shots!

If you’re looking to hire a Traditional Photographer for your big day, then you should check out the best traditional photography in India. Although more and more people are choosing to take their weddings completely digital, there’s still something undeniably special about having your memories captured in film, instead of pixels. If you haven’t had the chance to see any of these photos in person, then you’re missing out – they’re truly stunning!

Pre-Independence Era

The pre-independence era was dominated by British era photography. Most professional photographers were employed by British to capture their image and lifestyle during that time. India’s first ever camera was manufactured in 1835, but it wasn’t until 1860s when photography as a medium of mass communication came into existence. But few decades later, still there weren’t many traditional photographers which could keep up with British demand for Indian wedding photographs.

After Independence

India had got its independence from British in 1947. In those days there were no digital devices like cameras and smartphones. In such conditions, photography was a big thing. Old time people used to take traditional pictures of their wedding, social events, etc. Those days people used to hire professional photographers for their event as they didn’t have any camera at home to click pictures and share them with others which make that event special for ever. Here I am going to describe about best traditional photography in India.

Polaroid Instant Film

One of the best things about instant film is that it uses light instantly and provides immediate feedback on your photograph, which means you can learn how to take great pictures with a bit more practice. Your photos don’t need to be perfectly-timed—instant film is forgiving and lets you try again if your timing isn’t perfect. Just remember, if you want a picture taken in color, make sure to use an instant film camera that allows for color photos.

Black & White Film Section: The Early 2000s

The digital revolution hits film photography, and many people jump ship to move over to digital. Kodak fights back by adding a black-and-white setting to its most popular camera, making it one of only a few cameras on the market that can shoot in both color and black-and-white. The move seems successful: Despite predictions that digital would replace it for good, there’s still a thriving film community today.

Digital Era

There are two reasons for that: one is they are ready to change with time and adapt to newer formats. And secondly, they work according to their client’s needs and requirements. Shaadimubarakofficials which believe in working strictly as per their clients’ wishes are often asked by couples if they can take best traditional photography in india shots too.