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Candid Photography
Candid Photography
Candid Photography

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20,000/- per day
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Candid Photography

Candid photography

What exactly is Candid Photography ?

Candid photography is the practice of photographing individuals when they are unaware that you are doing it. One of the most exciting aspects of photography is catching someone in the act. It brings your photos to life.

Candid Photography is all about capturing unforeseen moments of someone’s emotions, whether they be happy or sad.

The skill that our photographers at Shaadimubarakofficials have developed over the years to take the best candid shots through the art of candid photography

Candid Photography and Indian Weddings

The introduction of candid wedding photography has revolutionized the wedding scene in India and around the world.

Candid Photography at weddings places a greater emphasis on the telling of a tale through candid photographs. The documentary style of photography is very important. Shaadimubarakofficials combine fashion, architecture, portraiture, product photography, and other types of photography. It adds a new dimension to candid wedding photographs.

Indian wedding is a blend of the old and the new. Because it depicts a fairly traditional wedding in a new and unique light. 

It captures people when they are unaware that their photograph is being taken. As a result, the name candid. Photographers at Shaadimibarakofficials take images without setting up a scene. As a result, it feels natural and realistic.

The photographer moves around the wedding location, photographing guests while they go about their wedding preparations.

Everything is included in this new era of wedding photography.

Tips For Wedding Photography

• To capture every moment, use Burst Mode.

People are unpredictable, and when it comes to candid photography, you only get one shot. Take a lot of pictures. Family gatherings can be ideal for candid photography.

Move Around Your Subjects for Better Composition

If you’re taking a candid photo of them. It’s also futile to expect them to appear natural. This results in the most awkward shots of all.

Get up and stroll around your subjects until they’re in the position you want, then take the picture. Always keep your candid camera handy.

• To remain discreet, turn off the flash.

The use of a flash is a dead giveaway. If you want to go unnoticed, open up your aperture and increase your ISO. You’ll be able to snap well-exposed candid shots in low-light situations like inside.

• Make use of a lengthy focal length.

To capture candid photographs without being observed, use a long lens, such as a 135mm prime, an 18-200mm zoom, or a 70-200mm zoom. As you may have predicted, the further you are from your subject, the less likely they will be aware that you are photographing them, and the more natural and comfortable they will appear.

• Tell everyone to pretend you’re not there.

People are often uneasy having a camera around when it comes to event or wedding photography. They will struggle to immerse themselves in the situation. And they’ll question whether they should gaze here or there. They will attempt to half-pose or do things that appear awkward.

In these circumstances, inform the group that you will be taking candid photos of everyone hanging around. Request that everyone try their best to pretend you’re not there.

Candid photography is fun and keeps your creative energy flowing. Use our advice to capture moments that no one else notices. Do you require additional assistance? Shaadimubarakofficials has skilled photographers on board who can assist you in capturing your best candid images in the most natural setting. Contact our team immediately and let’s get started shooting!