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New jhumka design of gold:-

Jhumkas are a traditional Indian earring, and they are very popular among women of all ages. They are usually made of gold, and the design can vary depending on the region where they are made. Jhumkas are generally worn with traditional Indian clothing, but they can also be worn with Western clothes.
There are many different types of jhumkas, and the design of the jhumka can vary depending on the region where it is made. The most common type of jhumka is the round jhumka, which is worn in the middle of the ear. The teardrop jhumka is another common type of jhumka, and it is worn at the bottom of the ear. The crescent jhumka is worn in the upper part of the ear, and the hoop jhumka is worn around the entire ear.

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Stylish jhumka earrings are always in trend. Be it a wedding, a party or any other special occasion, women love to wear jhumkas to add an extra touch of glamour to their overall look. And when it comes to gold jhumkas, the options are endless.
From traditional to contemporary, there are so many different types of gold jhumkas to choose from. If you’re looking for something traditional, then go for a pair with intricate filigree work or embossed designs. For a more contemporary look, try a pair with a sleek and minimalistic design.
And if you’re wondering what the making charges are for gold jhumkas, it’s usually based on the weight of the earrings. So, if you’re looking for a pair that’s lightweight and easy on the pocket, then go for something that’s made with 14 or 18 karat gold.


Designer jhumkas are usually made of gold, silver or diamond and are often set with precious or semi-precious stones. They are usually more expensive than other types of jhumkas.Designer jhumkas are often made by well-known jewellers and are usually sold in exclusive jewellery stores. They are usually made to order, so you may have to wait a while for your jhumka to be made.Designer jhumkas are often very intricate and detailed, and can be quite delicate. They are usually made to be worn on special occasions, and not for everyday wear.Making charges for designer jhumkas are usually higher than for other types of jhumkas, as they take longer to make and require more skilled labour.If you are looking for a designer jhumka, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable jeweller.

Jhumka Design Shaadimubarak Officials


There are many branded options for new jhumka design gold. One popular brand is Joyalukkas. They offer a wide variety of designs, including traditional and contemporary options. Their prices are also very competitive. Another popular brand is Swarovski. They offer a more high-end option, with a focus on quality and design. Their prices are higher, but their products are guaranteed to be of a higher quality.

what is the making charges

Different types of earrings have different making charges. The making charges of gold earrings depend on the weight and purity of the gold used. The making charges of silver earrings depend on the weight of the silver and the design of the earrings. The making charges of platinum earrings depend on the weight of the platinum and the design of the earrings.

ear desgin

There are many different types of ear designs available in the market today. Some of the most popular ones include the following:
1. The traditional jhumka earrings: These earrings have been around for centuries and are still one of the most popular choices among women. They usually have a large central stone surrounded by smaller stones.
2. The stud earrings: These are simple and elegant earrings that can be worn with any outfit. They are usually made of a single stone or a small cluster of stones.
3. The hoop earrings: These earrings are very fashionable and can add a touch of glamour to any outfit. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs.
4. The chandelier earrings: These earrings are very dramatic and can make a statement. They are usually made of a cluster of stones or beads.
5. The cuff earrings: These earrings are very unique and are worn around the earlobe. They are usually made of a metal or a stone.

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