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Maroon saree is a popular color in Indian weddings. The saree is the most elegant and beautiful way to wear your wedding avatar. You can wear it during all occasions like parties, occassions etc. In this article, we will discuss about maroon wedding saree 2018 which has been trending in recent days.


Saree is a traditional dress for women in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. It is also worn by women in the Indian diaspora, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Fiji.

Saree is made of cotton or silk fabric with intricate embroidery work on it. The sari can be brightly colored with some designs featuring floral motifs or other motifs that represent different regions of India such as Maharashtra (Marathi), Karnataka (Kannada), Kolkata (Oriya), Andhra Pradesh (Telugu) etcetera.[1]

Handloom saree

Handloom sarees are made of natural materials, which is why they are long lasting and durable. These handloom sarees can be worn for several years without any damage or fading.

They come with a comfortable fabric that feels soft to touch and looks fantastic on the skin, making it an ideal choice for weddings as well as formal occasions like parties or photo shoots!

Silk saree

  • Silk saree is a good choice for the wedding. It is a traditional Indian attire that has been worn by brides and grooms since ancient times, and it will look perfect on your big day. The fabric is light and soft, so you can wear this dress throughout the day without feeling weighed down or hot in summer when compared to other fabrics (like cotton). The silk gives off an elegant feel to any outfit that you put it on top of—and with all those small details like flower embroidery around hemline and neckline, plus intricate beadwork along border—it gives off an even more luxurious vibe than other types of saris available today!

Indian wedding saree

The Indian wedding saree is a traditional outfit that has been popular for centuries. It’s worn by women on the day of their wedding, as well as other special occasions such as religious festivals and parties.

The saree is hand-woven from silk and cotton thread, with some designs being more intricate than others. The most basic types of sari are known as choli or blouse saris (sleeveless), whereas blouse/dress styles are generally referred to as kurta or shirt variants.

Silk cotton saree

A saree is a traditional Indian garment worn by women. It is generally made of cotton, silk or satin and decorated with embroidery work. Sarees come in many different styles depending on their pattern and colour schemes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re very light in weight (the cotton used to make them makes up most of the weight) so you can wear them all year round!

Party wear saree

  • Maroon party wear saree
  • Maroon silk saree
  • Maroon cotton saree

Maroon wedding sarees are also known as the most popular wedding saris in India. They are used for both pre-wedding events and weddings. The color of maroon is considered to be auspicious because it represents good luck, love and happiness.

Latest trending maroon wedding saree.

Maroon sarees are one of the most popular colors for wedding wear. You can choose from a wide range of maroon sarees, including traditional or modern designs, at affordable prices.

Maroon is an earthy tone that reflects nature’s beauty and strength. It’s a warm color that brings out your natural beauty and makes you look beautiful in any situation. It also makes you stand out from others when it comes to fashion trends as it has never been so popular before!

Maroon Wedding Saree: The Fabric & Style

The fabric used for making such types of sarees varies depending on where you live and what type of soil there is available in your area; however, most people prefer cotton cloth because they feel comfortable wearing them during hot weather conditions such as summers or winter months (when temperatures rise). If possible try buying something made using polyester material instead because these types tend not only absorb heat but also act like insulators which prevents frost damage caused by cold winds blowing through homes without protection against moisture buildup inside rooms due  to lack thereof during summer months.”


We hope this guide helped you find the right wedding saree. If you’re looking for more information on Indian wedding dresses, check out our other articles about maroon wedding saree or buy your own!

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