Kerala Love Photography: A Guide to Capturing Kerala’s Beauty

Kerala Love Photography: A Guide to Capturing Kerala’s Beauty

Kerala love photography is one of the most popular wedding photography styles in India. As more Indian couples seek out elaborate weddings, Kerala love photography has become increasingly sought-after. This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about this captivating style of wedding photography.

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Decide what you want

When it comes to taking photographs, there are lots of different routes you can take. However, one thing that stays constant is what you want from your photos. What do you want people to feel? How would you like them to respond? These questions will help guide you in how you approach photographing Kerala love photography and are important things to consider throughout your shoot. If all goes well, when people look at your pictures they’ll experience feelings of beauty and a sense of adventure—two things that really exemplify Kerala and its landscapes!

Understand the market

When you’re starting a business, it can be tempting to dive right in and start doing whatever it is you do. But that approach won’t work if your business model doesn’t fit with your target market—or if it doesn’t even address a need that exists. Before you get started on any project, then, ask yourself some questions about who you are creating something for and why they will use it. That way, when your product is done and ready for launch, you know what kind of advertising or marketing efforts will work best on getting customers interested in buying. Make sure to understand your market inside and out before diving into development!

Evaluate your ideas

Photographs are all about capturing a moment in time—and not just any moment. Some say the best camera is the one you have with you, but I disagree; there’s no point snapping away randomly without a clear vision of what you’re trying to capture. If you want to successfully capture Kerala love photography, start by identifying your goal; every photograph has a purpose and place. When taking pictures of couples or families, for example, try focusing on their interaction rather than their faces individually; expressions are important but when posing individuals, it’s often more captivating to see how they relate and interact with each other rather than trying to show off who’s got better hair or teeth.

Know your equipment

It doesn’t matter how great your idea is or how much experience you have with photography. If you want pictures that capture people’s attention, your equipment has to be top-notch. Like any other piece of art, photographs are a product of their tools and techniques—and while you don’t need a fancy camera (or even professional grade), investing in a solid digital SLR can go a long way. A good camera will allow you to change its settings so that you can focus on shooting rather than worrying about finding the right setting.

Understand how you will shoot it

Images are more important than ever in online storytelling. If you want to do it right, include a storyboard showing all of your main images, thumbnails and captions. This lets your audience know what they’re in for, and how important it is that they see those pictures. If your audience knows where they should be looking when they scroll through your post, they’ll be less likely to miss information or links that are relevant to them. It also makes things easier on everyone when you have a simple visual aid that keeps everyone on track with what’s happening in each slide or page.

Create an image storyboard

Your storyboard is your guide on how to shoot Kerala love photography. When writing a blog post based off of a storyboard, create an outline for your post that corresponds with your storyboard. If you don’t know what each image represents in words, write one sentence about what you want that image to convey. Having an outline also makes it easier for others who will be viewing and editing your photos. They can look at your storyboard and more easily identify which images need editing or further explanation and why those specific images are important for viewers to see. Once you have finished shooting, you will then edit each image individually with your final title and description in mind, creating captions so each image has its own place within a larger body of work.

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Hire a professional photographer

Having a professional photographer capture these moments is essential. You’ll also need someone who knows how to shoot in low light conditions, so try hiring a second person with an off-camera flash. For example, while storms are beautiful, no one wants their wedding photos taken during a lightning storm!

Carefully select a venue

Photographer, locations, makeup artists and hair stylists. Your wedding photographer will be one of your most important vendors because you’ll want someone who not only captures stunning shots, but also works well with others (your other vendors) and follows a schedule. We recommend reaching out to at least three different photographers before deciding on one; visit their websites and ask for samples of their work. The same goes for your locations and makeup/hair professionals—and any other vendors you plan on using.

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