Different types of mehandi art used for wedding ?


Mehandi art is a traditional Indian art form that involves applying henna to the hands of a bride before her wedding ceremony. Mehandi designs can be used for any occasion, from a simple braid or flower arrangement to completely covering the bride’s body in intricate designs and patterns. There are hundreds of different types of mehandi designs out there, but not all mehandi artists will be able to make all these different types! So we’re going to take you through some examples of each type so you can decide which one would suit your wedding best!


Rajasthani mehendi is a very elaborate design and it is also symmetrical. The designs are mostly geometric, abstract or floral. The designs vary depending on the region where it is used.

The most famous examples include:

  • Mehendi On The Forehead, Mehendi Designs For Hands And Feet And Other Parts Of Body


Arabic mehendi is a combination of Arabic calligraphy and floral patterns. The design is usually a combination of Arabic calligraphy and floral patterns.


Punjabi mehendi is the most popular type of mehandi. It is a combination of henna and kumkum paste, which gives it a beautiful color. Punjabi mehendi is mainly used in wedding ceremonies because it has an aesthetic appeal that makes your hands look beautiful.


This type of mehandi art is popular in West Bengal and they are also used by women in rural areas. It is a mixture of Rajasthani, Gujarati and Bengali mehandi arts.

The designs on this type of mehandi are simple but beautiful. The main features include lotus leaves, flowers etc., which makes it very attractive to look at!



Gujarati mehandi is a unique style of mehandi art. It is a combination of traditional mehandi with modern and western designs. This art has also become very popular in the western countries where it has been accepted as one of the most beautiful forms of mehendi art. The design includes flowers, birds, honey bees etc., which are painted on the bride’s hands or feet using henna paste or body paint. The bridegroom gets some designs done on his hands and feet in this style during their engagement ceremony too!


Tailor-made customized mehndis are the ones that you can get from the artists. They are designed by the artist himself to suit the bride and groom’s taste. These mehndis are usually created using traditional art forms like painting or drawing on a cloth, embroidery, applique or tatting. Some of them may also include beads and sequins in combination with other materials such as cotton threads or silk threads for example.

All types of mehandi art is most beautiful in its own way.

There are many types of mehandi art, and each one is beautiful in its own way. Some are more traditional while others are very modern and creative. Some mehandi designs can be used for weddings while others may not be appropriate for that particular occasion.

The same goes with the body parts where you would want to get mehendi done: upper torso, lower torso, backside and hands/feet/legs etc.. All these parts have different shapes which require different kind of mehendi designs according to their shape and size so that they look attractive when you wear them on your skin during special occasions like Diwali festival (Diwali), Christmas Eve Party celebration or just any other festive event happening around this time of year within family members’ circle like sisters(sisters’ wedding ceremony), mothers (mother daughter wedding ceremony) etc..


Mehandi art is a very popular and traditional art form in India. It is used for various occasions like weddings, festivals etc. There are many different types of mehandi art that are used for different occasions such as Rajasthani mehandi, Arabic mehandi, Bengali mehandi etc.

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