Delhi’s Couple Marriage Dress Scene

Delhi’s Couple Marriage Dress Scene

When two people are getting married, they want the day to be perfect in every way. This includes their clothing, the venue, the decorations and of course the reception! What many couples don’t realize is that the attire they choose can greatly contribute to making their wedding special; so that even years later when you look back on your photos from the big day you remember it fondly because your attire was so beautiful. When choosing attire for the bride and groom there are multiple factors to consider. In this article we will discuss some things to keep in mind when looking at your options for couple marriage dress in delhi



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5 Things To Do Before You Marry

Weddings are beautiful, but expensive. As such, there’s a lot to do (and a lot of money to spend) before you walk down that aisle. Here are five ways you can save on costs and enjoy your wedding day to its fullest. And with that—congratulations! It’s almost your big day! Now go out and have fun with it.
4-6 Months Before: You may be tempted to put off booking your venue until after you set a date, but remember that if your venue is at capacity for other events on those dates, you might not get in. Try calling around now to see which venues offer free trials or free consultation sessions so you can start seeing what works best for your budget and style tastes. If food is important to you during your reception (it usually is), ask about catering options as well as special packages they offer for couples who choose them.

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How To Get Married In India

There are tons of different options for you if you’re getting married in India. You can have a Sikh wedding, or an Indian Muslim wedding, a Jewish wedding, or even a European ceremony that blends traditions. Regardless of your faith, there are ways to get married in India without offending your parents or guests. To get some ideas on how to plan your big day, here are three more things you need to know before getting married in India.

What’s Off-limits For Wedding Guests?

Though guests have no legal obligation to contribute to a couple’s wedding, many do so out of respect. However, there are some things that can (and should) be off-limits when it comes to monetary gifts. The first and most obvious is cash – instead, opt for a gift card or other type of thoughtful present that won’t trigger awkward conversations later on. Another suggestion is to offer your services as opposed to money – consider helping with organization and decorating tasks that don’t require any extra cash. Though they may appreciate such help, they likely don’t want you spending your hard-earned money on them either.

Tips On Picking A Venue

When it comes to picking a venue, think about what you want your wedding ceremony and reception to look like. Are you hosting an intimate, small event? Do you prefer something more formal with lots of guests? Do you want an outside or inside venue? Venues with multiple rooms can accommodate big or small events; however, be aware that there are usually restrictions on their usage. If you’re going for something informal, a venue with fewer rules (such as fewer service staff required) will save money while giving your guests a chance to make some noise without upsetting anyone else. On top of that, dance-friendly venues aren’t always quiet enough to hold business meetings or intimate receptions. It’s all about knowing how to pick a venue for couple marriage dress.

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Couple Wedding Photographs

5 Tricks To Avoid Being Overwhelmed By The Wedding Preparations

The day of your wedding is a pretty momentous occasion. It’s not a time to be casual about your attire or skip important steps to ensure everything goes smoothly. If you really want to make it a day to remember, keep these things in mind: 1. Wake up early enough so you have time for last-minute grooming; 2. Eat an early breakfast, but nothing too heavy; 3. Relax! Your parents are sure to be stressed and uptight, but try not to let that infect you with stress and uncertainty—that doesn’t help anyone at all; 4. Pack a good book or magazine in case things take longer than planned; 5.

10 Things To Do On The Day Of The Wedding

In a wedding scenario, everything needs to be picture perfect. From groom, to bride and even guests have their own unique part to play. From bride to groom there are certain rituals that each partner has to perform on their special day. Similarly there are things that you as a couple can do on your wedding day that will keep you happy and also bring good luck and prosperity in your married life with your spouse by your side. So, here are 10 tips for couples who want all of these and more

5 Ways To Save Money During Weddings Without Looking Cheap

Saving money on your wedding is an art. It’s about figuring out how to have a gorgeous wedding for cheap, without looking like you cut corners or went for a low-budget option. The reality is that planning a big event will cost more than most people can afford. Your goal is to find ways to save as much money as possible—without anyone noticing. Here are five great ways to save cash when it comes time to pay for your wedding

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