10 Reasons Why a Marriage Garden is the Best Place to Wed

10 Reasons Why a Marriage Garden is the Best Place to Wed

A marriage garden, or love garden, is the perfect place to hold your wedding ceremony, and we’ve compiled 10 of the best reasons why! Take a look at our list and see if any of these reasons ring true for you!

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1) Time

One of the great things about marriage gardens—and why they’re so popular—is how flexible they are. A wedding garden can be used for many purposes and can hold various types of ceremonies and parties. Even weddings are often held in one because these areas are so customizable. There’s no need to find a larger space when you have one right in your backyard! As long as you keep it maintained, it will provide an elegant backdrop for many occasions throughout your lives together. If you’re looking for an even more unique place than a traditional wedding, try taking your vows in a marriage garden—they’re beautiful and practical!

2) Recreating memories

One of the biggest reasons why people opt for smaller, more intimate weddings is because they want their big day to be special. It’s common for couples who are already in a relationship to plan something they’ve never done before, or recreate memories that they both cherish. In fact, one of our favorite memories involves Mike proposing in our own marriage garden. If you want your wedding ceremony to bring back special memories and create new ones together as you start your life together – look no further than a shaadimubarakofficials marriage garden!

3) A more personal touch

Wedding traditions are beautiful but they don’t define what a marriage should be. A shaadimubarakofficials ceremony allows you and your partner to take center stage. You can host your post-wedding brunch at a venue within your garden grounds.

4) Room for Creativity

Your wedding day, above all other days, needs to be special. Our societies are becoming more commercialized and a lot of us end up going for typical weddings. That’s not really you though, right? So why not let loose and go for something that only represents you? A marriage garden is beautiful on its own and leaves room for creativity, while giving you space (literally) to make your day exactly how you want it. If that’s what you’re looking for on your big day, then there are many benefits of choosing a marriage garden over an indoor wedding venue. _ #shaadimubarakofficials #marriagegarden #

5) A great place

A marriage garden is well-lit, open, and secluded. It’s great for fun lovemaking sessions! Intimacy outdoors: The beauty of a garden will inspire you and your partner. It’s no secret that our senses are greatly affected by nature’s wonders—just look at pictures of sunsets and you’ll know what we mean. So in addition to finding inspiration, you’ll also be transported into an intimate setting where your connection with your spouse will flourish! A closer walk with nature: There’s something so special about watching nature while being out in it yourself. A garden gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy both activities at once!

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6) Fun alternative engagement party ideas

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find fun ideas for an engagement party. However, if you’re looking for something creative but not too expensive and still want something that shows off your personality, you might want to consider having your engagement party at a local garden center or green house. You can rent spaces there and invite friends and family members who love gardening. If you don’t have friends in these fields, simply ask around; in all likelihood there are people who would be willing to help you plant seeds and prepare beds for planting on your big day.

7) Incentive to grow closer together as a couple

One of the things that keeps many couples from growing together emotionally and spiritually is busyness. The hectic pace of life today can drive a wedge between people who are simply too tired, too stressed, or too distracted to invest in their marriage. A marriage garden removes any excuse for being distant from one another because it requires time and effort. With regular visits, your marriage will naturally grow deeper and richer as you work side by side on something you’re proud of. It’s a win-win: You’ll get closer together as husband and wife, plus have something beautiful (and useful) in your backyard!

8) The right place for your ceremony and reception

It’s probably no surprise that picking out your perfect wedding venue can be an overwhelming, stressful process. But, what if there was a place you could visit and fall in love with without having to stress over those details? If you’re looking for somewhere fun and casual that embodies both of your personalities—as well as allows you more flexibility with other aspects of your big day—you may want to consider getting married at a garden. From romantic, white-floral arrangements on lush green grass…to whimsical little nooks filled with greenery where guests can celebrate at tables or wander through in search of hidden treasures—garden weddings are equal parts unique and beautiful.

9) A place where you can enjoy nature together

A marriage garden allows for you and your significant other to reconnect with nature. With all of our busy lives, it’s good for both of you to take some time away from all of that chaos, which is why some people are choosing marriage gardens as wedding venues. Wedding gardens give you two things: Nature and relaxation. Both can only make your relationship stronger in the long run.

10) Save money on flowers, rings, etc.

Most flowers and plants are expensive to buy from stores which are seasonal. It is expensive because it imports from across the globe. The best time to purchase flowers for your wedding is before everything starts blooming locally. Then, simply decorate around your existing arrangements. This will not only save you money, but it will also make for stunning photos!

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