10 Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali That Will Wow Your Neighbors

10 Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali That Will Wow Your Neighbors

If you are looking for easy rangoli designs for diwali, here are 10 that you can easily draw using common household items. Rangoli drawings are not just beautiful but also said to bring happiness and prosperity in your home, which makes them the perfect addition to your celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Lights. The best part? All of these designs take less than an hour to complete, so you don’t have to spend hours on making them look perfect!

Rangoli Design - Shaadimubarak Officials

1) Shree Yantra

One of our top designs is actually based on a sacred geometric design in Hinduism called Shree Yantra. The design resembles a geometric mandala and is considered to be extremely auspicious and powerful. Those who follow Hinduism are familiar with how important it is to create positive energy in your home during Diwali, so using something like Shree Yantra will help set an air of positivity in your home while celebrating one of India’s most important festivals. To learn more about how to do it, click here!

2) Kutumba Yantra

This easy-to-make rangoli design will give a traditional Indian touch to your house. It looks stunning and is quite easy to make. All you need are some colored sand, water and a few more materials that you can easily get at home. Check out our design idea and then start making it right away! The kutumbi yantra is believed to bring in prosperity and abundance into your home. So, if you’re looking forward to inviting luck into your lives, try making it soon!

3) Bhairavi Yantra

Bhairavi Yantra is easy to draw on your rangoli. It consists of diagonal parallel lines with a dot in between them and a bigger oval in center. You can place fruits, sweets, or candles as offerings to Lord Ganesha as it is his birth star. For example, you can place sweets on Bhairavi yantra if your house is empty during diwali season and you are not able to invite neighbors over due to your hectic schedule. This will give you peace of mind that you have made offerings before leaving your home empty.

4) Sri Chakra

The Sri Chakra, or Wheel of Sri, is a sacred symbol found on most temples and holy places in India. This powerful design can also be found inside homes during festivities such as Diwali, when people place it outside their houses to ward off evil spirits. It’s also a common motif on greeting cards in India, where it is known as the Wheel of Good Fortune. To create your own shaadimubarakofficials rangoli , follow these simple steps: 1) Start by drawing 3 triangles with 4 dots each in them (total 12 dots). Make sure that you start from top-left to bottom-right and top-right to bottom-left.

Rangoli Design Shaadimubarak Officials


Rangoli Design Shaadimubarak Officials

5) Kona Trikonamoolam

This traditional geometric rangoli design with subtle hints of color is ideal if you’re looking to keep things simple. Start by drawing a rough triangle on your floor using chalk. Then, draw small triangles within it that point towards each corner—and fill in these new shapes with lines and dots of colored chalk. For best results, use vibrant colors like red, pink, orange and green as well as dark hues like black and brown.

6) Navaratri Mandala

While Navaratri is a festival of nine days and each day has its own significance, one of them is called Dussehra. Dussehra or Vijayadashami marks victory of good over evil and it is celebrated on 10th day. In 2017, Navaratri starts from 16th September and ends on 23rd September. As part of celebration, here are some easy rangoli designs that you can create in no time with little effort: 1. Shakumbhari: This design uses five dots to represent shakti (female energy) while eight points portray her male counterpart (Shiva). The word Shambhuri means – ‘that which moves’ – so by connecting all dots, we complete an infinity symbol called as figure 8.

7) Hindi Alphabet Rangoli Design (Alpana)

To make a Hindi alphabet Rangoli design, you’ll need ten lines (five per side) and 15 dots along each line. To start off, place an A in one corner of your floor or wall. Next, draw two parallel lines starting from each end of that A and going to a distance of five dots from it. From those two lines, draw perpendicular lines in each direction using 5 dots as your guide—one to form an I and another to form a V. Then go back to your original lines and create four more letters until you get one large Hindi alphabet word!

8) Ganesh Tattoo Rangoli Design

This is a classic yet easy rangoli design to welcome Lord Ganesha. It’s a simple pattern of a Ganpati Bappa (or Lord Ganesha) with his beloved rat, as well as his vehicle, his favorite food modakas and other elements from Indian mythology surrounding him. If you are wondering how to make rangoli patterns at home or want an easy to draw rangoli design for Diwali 2017, then simply follow these steps below: Step 1: Take some rice flour in a small bowl and add water to make sure it turns into thick paste. Step 2: Now dip your finger into that mixture and start drawing some spirals on your floor or wall using it.

9) Tulasi/Gandha Patti Rangoli Design (Smell Good The Entire Year!)

While it might look like a difficult design to pull off, a kaansu or tukarama fan is actually quite easy to create. All you have to do is divide your rangoli into three equal parts (horizontally and vertically). And when you draw your rangoli, remember that one-third of it will be empty and two-thirds of it will be filled with a repeating pattern. To create your tukarama fans, start by drawing a kattha (also known as pankha) using rice flour; if you’re unfamiliar with how to draw katthas, check out our guide here.

Rangoli Pic -Shaadimubarak Officials


Rangoli Pic

10) Simple Kaansu or Tukarama Fan Rangoli Design

For easy rangoli designs for diwali, you can use a simple circular pattern called Kaansu or Tukarama. Assemble all your materials first and begin by drawing a circle on a plain white piece of paper in pencil. The circle should be roughly six inches wide. Then take your brush, dip it in some colors of your choice, and carefully draw concentric circles on it. Try to fill up as much space as possible but don’t worry if you have some extra space around your circles! In between each concentric circle put dots or very small circular shapes with different colors. And that’s it! You are done with easy rangoli designs for diwali!

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